Rescue Helicopter Saves Hunter’s Life

Rescue - Alain Jorion and John Sheridan.
Lifelong hunter John Sheridan would be the first to admit that, without the kind people of our region who support the Eastland Rescue Helicopter Trust, he would not be with us today.

During the 2012 Roar, John and hunting buddy Alain Jorion took a quad bike into the hinterland back country, inland from Tolaga Bay. At the close of the day the pair stopped for one final roar. It was then that Alain noticed a huge pool of blood coming from the bottom of John’s overalls.

Shortly after, John collapsed.

Alain rushed to John’s aid and discovered a bad wound below the knee. With John drifting in and out of consciousness, he applied some basic first aid and dialled 111, insisting a helicopter was the only way to save John’s life.

The pair were in heavy fog in difficult terrain, but good instruction and knowledge of the property’s rapid number ensured that the ECT Rescue Helicopter was able to head fairly quickly to the hunters’ location.

“I waved the hunting jackets madly hoping the helicopter crew could see us. They slowly made their way up the track and the ultimate joy of seeing them arrive brought tears to my eyes. Incredibly the mist partly cleared just as they were arriving which enabled them to spot us. Very lucky indeed.”

John had aggravated an existing leg wound and prescribed blood thinning medication meant that he was in a critical situation. When the crew arrived they found John very close to death. After stabilising him with saline solution packs at the scene the crew transported him to Gisborne Hospital for final treatment.

“John would certainly have died had we not had the service of the ECT Rescue Helicopter. I wish to thank the Eastland Community Trust for supporting such a fantastic crew and helicopter. It relies on community help to fund, so I would also like people to donate something to these people, if you can. They are good people who save lives.”