Farmer rescued by ‘top’ Trust Tairāwhiti Rescue Helicopter team

A day out mustering on Makorori Station turned into a lucky escape for Bing Lincoln.

Around midday on December 18, 2013, he was violently thrown from his quad bike and became trapped beneath it.

“Before I knew it, the quad had spun around and over I went,” he said.

With the bike on his chest, Bing couldn’t access his cell phone to sound the alarm.

“My arms and hands were pinned so there was nothing I could do. I was supposed to meet one of the farm generals at 2pm. He found me at 4pm after spotting one of my dogs on the ridge,” he said.

The ambulance was called first but, after assessing him, the paramedics decided the ECT Rescue Helicopter was a safer option.

ECT Rescue Helicopter Pilot Neil Dodds had to manoeuvre the helicopter carefully onto a farm track so it was close to Bing, who was concealed in a low-lying dip in the hill, but a good distance away from the neighbouring paddock.

“We were only 20 metres from where other farmers were working with stock and we didn’t want to create chaos,” he said.

Bing said the helicopter landed right beside him.

“From there things seemed to happen very quickly. It was just a two and a half minute flight to the hospital,” he said.

Neil said this rescue highlighted the fact that you don’t need to be miles out of town to make use of the helicopter.

“We can make a critical difference whenever and wherever access is difficult,” he says.

As a result of his accident, Bing sustained a broken collarbone, and badly bruised lungs, ribs and kidneys.

“I’m still unable to work, but thanks to the rescue helicopter pilot, paramedic and nurse who took care of me, I should make a full recovery. They were a top team,” he said.