28 February 2018 14:00

The ECT Rescue Helicopter responded to a request from Gisborne Hospital’s emergency department to fly an 18-year-old male to Waikato Hospital. The young man had been injured in a forestry accident earlier in the day and had sustained various injuries.

29 January 2018

At 9:15 the ECT Rescue Helicoptr flew to Te Puia springs to uplift a a 53-year-old female presenting with a medical event. She was flown to Gisborne Hospital for treatment. Then, at 17:20 it was tasked by the rescue co-ordination to fly to a vessel at the base of Young Nicks Head. Five people had been in a 5.5 metre vessel that took in water and flipped. All occupants were located and recovered from the rocks. They were all flown back to the Eastland Rescue Helicopter hanger and met by family member. They had set of an emergency beacon making locating them very easy,

19 January 2018

At 12:15, the ECT Rescue Helicopter flew to a remote location in the Waikura Valley to attend to a 30-year-old male who had taken a fall and received head injuries as a result. He was attended to by St John Intensive Care Paramedics before being loaded and flown to Gisborne Hospital.

13 January 2018

Our latest rescue saw the team head to Hick’s Bay on Saturday evening to deliver critical emergency care to a gentleman who’s vehicle had rolled 30m down a bank and into a river. It is understood that the male driver lost control of the car and left the road and went down a 30 meter bank landing in the water. Witnesses pulled the male form the vehicle and called emergency services for help. The helicopter landed at Potaka School and transported the patient to Gisborne Hospital. He had received multiple serious injuries as a result of the crash.

12 January 2018

Another rescue in what has been a busy week for our service. This time, the team was involved in a remote rescue on a farm out the back of Papatu Rd, where a stockman had come off his horse.

02 January 2018

The ECT Rescue Helicopter flew to Tolaga Bay to uplift a 26-year-old male suffering an asthma attack. He was flown to Gisborne Hospital in a serious condition. The chopper was then deployed immediately to Te Araroa to uplift an 86-year-old female with a medical condition. She was flown to Gisborne Hospital in a stable condition.

01 January 2018

An early morning call-out on New Year’s Day saw the ECT Rescue Helicopter dispatched at 2:05am to respond to a call at the Tokomaru Bay Tavern, where a 43-year-old female had fallen while walking back to her campsite after New Year celebrations. The combined effort of police, ambulance and rescue helicopter ensured the woman was transported quickly to hospital with suspected hip injuries.

Then, at 19:00 the ECT Rescue Helicopter returned to Te Puia Springs Hospital to uplift a 13-year-old male with a concerning medical condition. He was flown to Gisborne Hospital in a stable condition.